Every minute Google, the biggest search engine in the world, handles millions of searches; we want to promote iMedia sites to appear at the top of the SERPs (search engine result pages).  SEO is our expertise; we know how to direct organic (non-paid) traffic to our pages by optimizing our websites, targeting the correct keywords, and producing good quality content. We understand that SEO is a complex discipline that compiles under the same roof tactics, knowledge, and experience. In SEO, nothing is mere luck; we know how to use our assets and resources to develop tools and build websites to help us succeed across international markets. 

Performance Marketing 

We always focus on ROI! Performance Marketing merges online marketing and advertising programs to give full control to the advertisers, who will only pay for successful actions, whether it is a lead, a sale, or a click; thus, minimizing the risks. Our PPC department experts have mastered the art of negotiation, which, together with the most relevant tools and technology, help us achieve the ideal “maximize conversion at a minimum spending”. The beauty of the PPC is that it is 100% measurable; all campaign metrics can be tracked, reported, and analyzed. 

Product Development 

We have the full package! We have the capacity and ability to manage the whole process of developing a product, from identifying the need and conducting research, conceptualizing the product and developing the proposal, and supervising the design process and development. We create comparison and review sites and integrate external APIs and data to create the highest value for users and help them make better decisions about the products we promote. We build in house data and tracking systems to monitor performance across many sites and hundreds of partnerships to drive value and optimize our work. User experience is key! We want our users to have a positive experience; a better journey for the user translates to success.