We do magic; we make you exist.  As the saying goes, ‘if there’s no picture on Facebook, it didn’t happen,’ well, if you’re not on Google (or any search engine), your business doesn’t exist. This is where we come in; WE MAKE YOU EXIST! We combine our knowledge and skills with the most relevant tools and create strategies to achieve success. We’ve mastered search engine optimization strategies, so your business can improve its position and visibility online. 

We are not afraid of trial and error; we understand how dynamic the online world is, and we are in constant evolution to fit the new tendencies.  

Who are we? 

We are a diverse group of people coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Maybe this doesn’t make us unique, many other multinational companies can say the same, but can they say it feels like family? We celebrate together the good moments and cheer each other up through the hard times. We can say we have redefined the concept of “working place,” and we won’t lie to you, but our customers come in second because our people are our first priority, they are our best asset, and our motto is “it’s all about the people.” 

Every one of us is a professional in our fields; we bring our knowledge and experience to meet our goals. We are experts in the organic and paid marketing space, as well as, in the field of business management and analysis. It is our firm belief that working together to bring forward our values and abilities produces outstanding results in our work. This vision has carried us to rapid growth and continuous success. We successfully operate in different markets around the world, being the Far East our secret weapon (or strength?) 

Kadabra was founded in 2016 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Interactive Media Group, based in Hong Kong. Our mission is to build, maintain, and promote iMedia’s web assets.  We might be a young company, but our collective years of experience and capability produce the best results.  

Our Vision & Values 

We build our websites with the one main vision guiding us:
Help users make better decisions online!

Our company’s culture is defined by a list of hand-picked values: 

Positive attitude: We keep an optimistic approach to challenges; we self-motivate and motivate those around us to work together in finding solutions. 

TrustThere’s full transparency in every management level; each one is the owner of their project and has the full support and respect of colleagues and company members. 

Result-driven: We plan, we execute, we measure, and then start all over again. 

Good communication: We share, we provide all the relevant information, and we’ve banned, from our vocabulary, the non-constructive feedback. 

Team player: We are one team; we seek synergy and share knowledge. 

Dynamic: We’re not afraid of change; we understand that we work in a dynamic environment that requires us to constantly evolve and develop.